Commitment to Sustainability

As a sustainability initiative, LEFRI manufactures products based on "Quality of Products" and "Made-to-order manufacturing" with the goal of reducing disposal loss in the fashion industry.

quality of product
Ingenuity for product life through quality

The first approach to reduce waste as a producer. It is the manufacture of long-life products. Refuri products are devised so that they can be used for as long as possible. While focusing on the latest technology, we extend the life of our products by combining the know-how of factories that have been involved in many manufacturing over the years and the wisdom and experience of craftsmen. Together with our subcontractors, we come up with ways to ensure long-lasting use from all angles, including design, material selection, and sewing methods.

Made-to-order type
Pursuing a sustainable production system

Aiming to build a production system that minimizes waste, LEFRI adopts a make-to-order system. In addition to eliminating the waste of fabric and reducing waste, it also minimizes the amount of water required for the production of clothes and the amount of chemical fibers released in the manufacturing process that are washed away into the sea. It can be said that this is the optimal production system from the point of view of maintenance.

At LEFRI, an ideal production system is established based on the understanding and reliable technical capabilities of our affiliated factories who support our brand efforts.

And the customer's understanding of the time from purchase to delivery is the foundation of everything.

We will continue to pursue better manufacturing so that each and every customer will be pleased .