Pursuing a beautiful piece of Japanese slacks culture

Since its establishment in Matsuura City, Nagasaki Prefecture in 1969, "Eminent Slacks" has been dedicated to slacks and has continued to seek uniquely beautiful silhouettes and comfort.

President Shuji Maeda and Technical Director Ryuji Mayumi have been recognized as "MFU Meister Technical Heritage" by the Japan Men's Fashion Association.

Eminent Slacks Garment Factory

The company's own factory brand exhibits at PITTIUOMO, the world's most prestigious trade show. Eminent Slacks is a Japanese slacks manufacturer that continues to lead the Japanese slacks culture and is recognized worldwide.

How EMINENTO started making slacks

The company was founded as a "single-piece replacement trouser manufacturer," capturing the needs from the basic idea that "there are no men who don't wear trousers.

As a manufacturer, Eminento has been researching the know-how to convert tailor's craftsmanship into an industrial line in order to provide the world with high-quality products with perfect craftsmanship.

The company continues to pursue "comfort" and "long-lasting products in terms of both design and durability" in various wearing situations, as well as creating beautiful forms without sparing time and effort in ironing and sewing.

The thought that goes into a single pair of slacks

Even today, with the advance of mechanization, 123 processes and 154 craftsmen are involved in completing a single pair of slacks, valuing the attention to detail that can only be produced by human handwork.

The more manual processes are involved, the more work is required of the workers. Therefore, we are actively replacing the processes that can be done by machines, so that our craftsmen can concentrate on the processes that require experience and skills.

Slacks, pants, sewing

Eminento are particular about the specifications of our machines and strive to create Eminento Quality through repeated improvements. By maximizing the skillful techniques of our craftsmen into our products, we are able to create slacks that are meticulous in every detail.

More than 20 times press work

We carefully process the hip line, waist line, and small crotch area using our originally developed press machine. Pressing is a very important process to achieve stress-free comfort and a beautiful silhouette.

The pressure and steam from the pressing machine give the fabric, which can only be drawn in straight lines, a three-dimensional effect, resulting in a beautiful silhouette that follows the line of the legs from the roundness of the hips.

Make the community a better place.

Eminento are seeking to build new cooperative relationships with local handmade craftspeople by providing them with surplus fabrics and other materials. Eminento are constantly thinking about what we can do to fulfill our corporate social responsibility toward the environment, and we will continue to make proposals.

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