The ultimate piece "T Mask 03" from every point of view

Nanofiber mask TMask03

The ultimate minimal design that has been achieved by removing all unnecessary parts

A mask packed with high-quality Japanese materials and technology that exist today

That is "T Mask 03"

tmask03 mask

By minimizing the contact area with the face and boldly exposing the cheeks and jawline from the eyes, you can give a bright and clean impression. In addition, since there are few joints between the ear straps and the mask body, it reduces the feeling of tightness on the face and realizes a light and comfortable fit.


At the domestic sewing factory "Seed" that specializes in world-class ready-to-wear, each item is carefully made by craftsmen who have high sewing skills.

Functions of “T Mask 03”

The filter of "T Mask 03" has a three-layer structure, and between them is the "Zetta nanofiber filter", which catches more than 99% of 100 nanometer particles, invented by Professor Emeritus Tanioka of Tokyo Institute of Technology. I'm here.

Experimental results (non-neutralization of particles) at the general incorporated foundation Kaken Test Center have also proven that 99.9% or more of 100 nanometer fine particles can be caught.

(It is generally said that viruses in the air are about 100 nanometers.)

This filter collects fine particles by van der Waals force (intermolecular force), and high-performance masks for medical workers, which are generally said to collect fine particles by electrostatic attraction. Due to this difference, even if the "Zetta Nanofiber Filter" is washed 100 times, the particulate collection efficiency does not decrease. It is the world's highest level filter that Japan is proud of.

The front side uses a matte and elegant double satin material. On the side, the same color logo is casually printed on the fabric, giving it a simple yet luxurious design. In terms of functionality, it also has UV protection, quick drying, and water repellency .

The inside of the mask body uses a material that breathes, “Exlive™️”. In addition to being supple and gentle to the touch, it is a highly functional mesh that relieves physiological stress. Since the fiber itself actively absorbs and releases moisture, it assists in a comfortable mask life all year round.

Other features of “Exlive™️”

[Deodorant] Ammonia, acetic acid, and isovaleric acid are suppressed with a deodorizing function through chemical decomposition.

[Antibacterial deodorant] Suppresses bacteria and suppresses odors

[pH control] Maintains the same weakly acidic area as healthy skin and maintains skin-friendly conditions

[Antistatic] Reduces static electricity that tends to occur with polyester and reduces discomfort

[UV cut] UV shielding rate 97%, UPF 45

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